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Your Camp’s Been Bought by the Company!

Wooden nickels

The Company Store Expansion brings an old-growth forest of new cards to your Flapjacks & Sasquatches game.

  • The Company Store deck is a brand new way to lay your hands on everything from axes to Sasquatch repellant.
  • A whole new wooden nickel economy expands your north woods rewards and opportunities.
  • 16 all-new “Lumberjack” cards provide a new source of dirty tricks and special skills.
  • New Jack cards, Tree cards, and Universal cards expand your decks with outhouses, sawdust, black walnut trees, overtime, and lots more.
  • And three blank cards for each deck let you fabricate your own new rules!

No Problem the Company Can’t Solve

Outhouse with free seats! (And five-cent toilet paper…)

A Paul Bunyan–sized expansion for darn near everything you love about Flapjacks & Sasquatches.

  • Sick of your old-timey chopping axe and worn-out gloves? Get a smart axe and smart-looking eye protection!
  • Tired of working for peanuts? Take home wooden nickels when you chop down trees!
  • One tree at a time too stifling a pace? Try dynamite on for size!

Company Store is not a stand-alone game — you need a copy of Flapjacks & Sasquatches to play.

Game Details

  • 44 Company Store cards
  • 30 Wooden Nickel cards
  • 21 Lumberjack cards
  • 20 Victory Points cards
  • 15 Jack cards
  • 12 Universal cards
  • 10 Tree cards
  • 15 Create Your Own cards
  • Printed rules

Creative Team: Lead Design by William Sininger and design by John D. Harris, with art and layout by Jody Henning and Eric Knese.

2–8 Players | 20+ Minutes | Ages 8+

UPC Number: 019962063015

Size: 4" × 7.625" × 1.625"
Weight: 14 oz

Smart axes for smart lumberjacks

If you need more of everything Flapjacks & Sasquatches has to offer, the Company Store Expansion is for you!

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