Ravensburger Jaws


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Experience jaws as a suspenseful tabletop strategy game. One player menaces the Island of Amity as the three-button great white while the other players go on the hunt as Brody, Hooper, and quint. Two thrilling phrases of gameplay capture the edge-of-your-seat excitement of the classic movie


1 Double-sided Game Board, 1 Shark Mover, 2 Boat Movers, 3 Crew Movers, 16 Shark Ability Cards, 16 Resurface Cards, 22 Gear Cards, 16 Amity Event Cards, 3 Dice, 1 Shark Tracker Pad, 4 Character Boards, 4 Board Clips, 8 Boat Tiles, 40 Tokens, Instructions
Barcode: 810558018187
Character: Jaws
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