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Unicorns: A Rude and Smelly Problem

A blue unicorn, drooling and farting, and unicorns do

Once upon a time, the Queendom was overrun by unicorns. They ate all the beautiful plants, relieved themselves on private property, and farted a lot.

The queen was too kind to take action, so she left the matter to her malicious daughter. Eager to prove herself, the princess declared a Unicorn Hunt and invited everyone — including you!

Hunting Season is Open

A gnome selling cotton candy, made from 100% unicorn hair!

In Kill the Unicorns, you'll…

  • Choose a hero — Bard, Hunter, Knight, Princess, Shaman, or Wizard
  • Deploy sneaky Scheme Cards to lay your groundwork
  • Play Hunt Cards to outwit your opponents
  • Visit the Gnome Black Market to buy helpful items like Fairy Dust and Unicorn Paté


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