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This product will be available in store during prerelease weekend and for shipping on release day 9/9/22

Dominaria United Draft Boosters are designed for that perfect Draft or Sealed play experience, but just like Set and Collector Boosters, every single Draft Booster in Dominaria United contains a legendary creature, perfect for defending the plane from a threat to the Multiverse. These boosters are optimized for fun and competitive gameplay, and they continue to include a rare or mythic rare in every booster, and plenty of Booster Fun treatments.

Like with Set and Collector Booster displays, every Draft Booster display comes with a special traditional foil Legends Retold Box Topper, where you can find one of 20 new legendary creatures inspired by Legends.

(Each Booster box Containes 35 Draft booster packs)

Dominaria United Draft Boosters Pack contain:

  • 1 Rare or mythic rare that can be a legendary creature and/or showcase stained-glass, borderless, or Phyrexian-language card
  • 1 Rare or uncommon legendary creature with an opportunity to get the showcase stained-glass, borderless, or Phyrexian-language treatment
  • 1 Basic land, which can have the showcase stained-glass treatment
  • 1 Basic land or non-foil common, or an opportunity for many other cards, including a traditional foil that could be rare or mythic rare, showcase, borderless, or Phyrexian
  • 2 Nonlegendary uncommons
  • 9 Commons


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