Titan Games/DMMD Games FNM Entry Fee - Requires use of Discord and MTG Arena


Online Friday Night Magic is Available to all Titan Customers.

Participants will need two programs to participate in this event:

MTG Arena: https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgarena

Discord: https://discord.com/

A current link to the discord server will be emailed to you when your order is processed.

Format is Standard

Each weeks event will have 3 rounds of Swiss pairings determined by Wizards of the Coast or MTGARENA Software.

Round Standings and pairings will be posted on discord along with Arena Usernames to setup direct matches.

All Prizes must be picked up via Curbside pickup at either the Champaign, IL or Springfield, IL Locations.


Each Entry puts 2 Ikoria Draft Booster Packs into the Prize pool. All players with a winning record will get at least 1 Draft booster for prizes. (Store Credit will be an option if players would like it in place of the Ikoria Packs)

Additionally Prizing:

First Place and All 3-0 Players will get Foil Ikoria Promo Packs.

Other Top 10 players will all get Ikoria Promo Packs.

there will also be at least one Foil Ikoria Promo Pack give out to a random player. 

Additional Foil and regular promo Packs will be distributed based on Attendance.



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