Titan Games/DMMD Games Painting Class - Lecture - Metal Paints


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Painting Lecture Series - True Metal Painting - Steel/Silver

Titan Games Presents the Miniature Painting Seminar Series

- Correctly painting with Metal Paints to achieve realistic effects for Steel and Silvers. Seating for this event will be more limited than in our regular classes. Master Painter Rhett will demonstrate his approach to painting Steel/Silver and several different ways you can approach it. Limited stations will be setup for use that day. Participants will get the paints used as well as two figures Rhett will demonstrate on and take you step by step on Steel, and Silver while providing feedback. There will be a monitor to present what Rhett is doing so you can see in detail how he achieves the effect. You are encouraged to bring your own brushes, mini holders, wet pallet, and water cups. Lights will be provided.

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