Titan Games/DMMD Games Painting Class - Wet Palette 101


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When: Saturday June 25th 2-4pm

Where: Titan Games - Springfield, IL

Would you like better control of your paint while you paint? Would you like to make your paint you buy last longer? Then Wet Pallet Painting is for you. We will discuss setting up your wet pallet, using a wet pallet, cleaning a wet pallet, and maintaining a wet pallet. Paints on a wet Pallet can last up to 2 weeks and still be useable. Painting something and the baby starts crying? Rinse brush, close pallet lid, give baby hug, come back and start painting again.


Each participant will get:

2 Hours of detailed instruction covering everything from how to make a wet palette to best use practices and how to get the most out of your wet palette.

1 x Brush Set

Choice of 2 x Wizkids Small Miniatures Packs or 1 x Medium Wizkids Miniatures Packages. 

A discount on the purchase of a Wet Palette from Titan Games on the day of the event. 

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