2021 Used Game Sale FAQ

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Used Games Sale 2021 Edition FAQ:



Q: When is the sale?  April 30th through May 7th.

Q:When should games be dropped off? Sale items will be accepted at the Springfield store from April 18th through April 24th.

Q: I want to sell some items in the used game sale, how do I sign up?  There are two ways to get signed up. First fill out the Google form (HERE) for each game you would like to sell. Or fill out a copy of this (Google Sheet) and email it to [email protected]. Before dropping off your games in store. 

Q:Why is there a week between the drop off and the start of the sale?  This year's sale will be all online so we need additional time to process all the games before they are made available for sale.

Q: Wait, all online, Where online?  There will be a separate section on our website www.Titangamesonline.com just for this sale.  All used items in the sale can be browsed or they will also be able to be found via search from our website or internet search engines.

Q: So can people come in and browse the stacks of used games?  Unfortunately, this year we will not have any of the games out for display.  With Covid restrictions still looming and the number of customers we would typically see in a single day or two of this sale we are not comfortable inviting that many people in at one time for the sale.  This year's solution is a bit of a compromise and an experiment to see if this is how we can do things in the future as well. 

Q: If they are on the website, will my used games be able to be shipped?  Why yes we will allow customers to purchase used games and we will handle shipping them out for you as well.  

Q: If my game sells, what do I get?  As in years past, sellers will receive 90% of the sale price in store credit.  

Q: When will my store credit be issued?  All store credit will be issued in the week following the completion of the sale when pickup of any unsold games is finalized with the seller.  



Q:  I am hungry for some sweet deals on used games; when can I purchase them?  April 30th starting at noon we will have them all available on our website (www.titangamesonline.com).

Q:  Can I browse in the store this year?  Sadly no, we have to go a different route this year with Covid restrictions still in effect and the fact that on a normal weekend we would see 500+ customers for the sale it is just not practical to host this event in store. 

Q: Is there anything I can do ahead of time to make sure I get the sweet deals?  The best thing you can do is make sure you have an account set up on our website (www.titangamesonline.com) and that you have the correct billing information set up for your credit or debit card. Double check this as our processing system is very particular about it. Incorrect information will cause your card to be rejected.  

Q:  Will I have to pay shipping for items I purchase?  You can select in-store pickup from either our CU or Springfield locations with no charge. We will have orders ready for pickup as soon as possible but it may still take some time as we are working with a new system.  Orders for CU pickup will likely be transferred on Monday May 3rd and again on Monday May 10th.

Q:  What about that walk around video you do each year?  Yup we will work something out for everyone to be able to see some of the goods the night before the sale goes live on the website.  

Q:  What if I am not in central Illinois?  Well then you are in luck, we will have an option to have games shipped to you this year as well. Our normal shipping rules will be in place so any orders over $100 will have free shipping.