Used Game Sale 2023 FAQ and Links

Used Games Sale 2023 Edition FAQ:



Q:  I am hungry for some sweet deals on used games; when can I purchase them?  April 1st and 2nd at Titan Games Springfield Location (2205 Wabash Ave Suite 103) .  

Q: Is there anything I can do ahead of time to make sure I get the sweet deals?  Be sure to Say you are attending our event on facebook so you will get all the updates for the event.  Also, be sure to checkout the preview video we will post Friday Night on our social media accounts (Facebook or Instagram)

Q: What if I have some games I also want to sell? See our Seller FAQ Below!!



Q: When is the sale?  April 1st and 2nd.

Q: When should games be dropped off? Sale items will be accepted at the Springfield store from March 24th through March 29th.

Q: I want to sell some items in the used game sale, how do I sign up?  There are two ways to get signed up. First fill out the Google form (HERE) or download the Google Sheet (HERE) and send it to us @ [email protected]. Before dropping off your games in store. 

Q: Where will the sale take place?  The Sale will take place in store on April 1st and 2nd. 

Q: So can people come in and browse the stacks of used games?  YES, We will have 100% of our place space dedicated to the Used Games Sale that weekend. 

Q:  Will the Games also Be available online?  As of now we do not plan on listing the used games on our website. 

Q: If my game sells, what do I get?  As in years past, sellers will receive 90% of the sale price in store credit.  

Q: When will my store credit be issued?  All store credit will be issued in the week following the completion of the sale when pickup of any unsold games is finalized with the seller.  

Q: Are there any limitations on the games I want to sell? The only games we limit prices on are ones we regularly stock in store.  Those games/items must be sold at no more than 50% of MSRP.

Q: Is there any limit to the number of games I can list in the sale?  We generally don't recommend more than 20 games per individual. If you have more than 20 please just reach out to us @ [email protected] before submitting your list.