Steamforged Games Animal Adventures RPG: Secrets of Gullet Cove


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The Gullet Cove sourcebook introduces stats and rules for new cat and dog adventurers, new enemies, and 5 immersive adventures for 1st to 5th level characters. It also comes with 8 playable encounter maps and a double-sided overview map of Gullet Cove.


  • Create your character

    Find complete rules for creating your own adorable animal adventurer, including everything from class options to magic items.

  • Explore Gullet Cove

    Dive into a bustling port town of awakened animals and intrigue with this extensive guide to Gullet Cove.

  • Meet colourful characters

    Encounter non-playable characters like the ferocious pirate queen, the no-nonsense tavern keeper with a punch that could fell an ox, and the legendary thief who goes by the name of Quentin Sharp.

  • Dive into adventure

    Experience 5 adventures packed with daring deeds and fearsome foes! Delve into the dark tunnels that snake beneath the Cove, explore the secret Gutterings that weave across the town rooftops, and hunt evildoers through the streets.

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