The Pickled Dragon D&D Supliment: Monstrous Lexicon (Soft Cover)


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Surprise your players with nearly 70 new monsters and 4 original playable races!  Get the Monstrous Lexicon today!

The Monstrous Lexicon is a collection of 71 original monsters and four new playable races for the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. The creatures within spring from the two authors’ combined 50+ years of gaming, as well as horrors yet untapped from mythology.

GMs will find monsters to challenge players of any level, including the legendary CR 30 Typhon, Father of Monsters.

Players will love the richly developed character races including:

* The Grooleshi, a deeply spiritual and introspective society of monastic elephant-men.
* The Gruagach, a distant cousin to gnomes who have sworn off civilization to embrace the natural world.
* The Lupine Wolflords, a proud race of woodland hunters resembling gray wolves.
* Two subraces of minotaur: The noble and boisterous Epiran Minotaur, and their cousins, the secretive Deep Minotaur.

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