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Special Dice and Universal Effects

Very fancy custom dice from the Cup of Joe Expansion

The Cup of Joe Expansion provides a full cord of new fun (that’s 128 cubic feet of wood!) for your Flapjacks & Sasquatches game.

  • Eight custom dice show chops, whiffs, and breaks. Send that pesky city math back to the university where it belongs!
  • 24 all-new “Universal” cards introduce weather, overtime, equipment recalls, and other lasting benefits and perils that affect the whole camp.
  • 22 more Tree cards grow your game’s forest.

The Next Frontier

Speed climbing is not an activity you should try at home

The Cup of Joe Expansion is the next step for dedicated loggers exploring the perilous woodlands of Flapjacks & Sasquatches.

  • Custom dice simplify chopping rolls.
  • Universal cards open a new dimension for jaded loggers.
  • New trees, new rules — saplings, redwoods, petrified trees, and more! (But beware the Green Sasquatch that now lurks in the Tree deck…)

Cup of Joe is not a stand-alone game — you need a copy of Flapjacks & Sasquatches to play.

Game Details

  • 24 Universal cards
  • 22 Tree cards
  • 8 custom dice (five green chopping dice, two blue Babe dice, and one red Apprentice die)
  • Printed rules

Creative Team: Designed by William Sininger, with art by Eric Knese.

2–8 Players | 20+ Minutes | Ages 8+

UPC Number: 019962062612


Get a chainsaw and cut everything fast! (For better or worse…)

If your family and friends can’t get enough Flapjacks & Sasquatches, the Cup of Joe Expansion is for you!

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